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About the target users

AI Sebas is an app that operates on the Slack platform, so it is intended for those who are already using Slack. You also need to obtain an account from the Open AI website (, or set up an account you already have, and use it with your own account.

About the application operating environment

It can theoretically be installed and used in any workspace that supports Slack, whether you are a free or paid user, individual or corporate. We believe it can also operate in workspaces with enterprise contracts, but we have not confirmed this. If there is an environment where it cannot operate, please let us know.

Do you analyze, save, or share with third parties the prompts input to ChatGPT (Open AI API)?

At least in our company, we do not access the content of the prompts you use at all. We do not record it in logs or anything. It is also not disclosed to third parties from our company. Therefore, there may be cases where we cannot identify the cause if a problem occurs, but please understand.

AI Sebas returned '404 Not Found'. Why is this?

If the MODEL specified from the settings screen (/settings-aisebas command) is not available with your Open AI account, it will result in a 404 error.

AI Sebas returned '429 Not Found'. Why is this?

This is an error from the Open AI API. It seems to occur when the Open AI credit (including the free frame) runs out. Please add credit.

AI Sebas returned '400 Not Found'. Why is this?

This is an error from the Open AI API. It occurs when you specify a model that cannot use the image when you attach an image. Select a model that supports other images (Vision compatible) from the settings screen and try again.

I received a response that seems to be an error

There may be some kind of malfunction or bug. If it does not recover after a while, please let us know to support. We would appreciate your cooperation in identifying the cause.

What is an administrator user?

This is a user who can check, change, and cancel settings and subscriptions from the settings screen (/settings command). You can add, check, and delete from the settings screen. Specify from the Slack users in the workspace. Other general users can only use AI Sebas. Please specify an appropriate Slack user as an administrator. Note that it cannot be blank in the settings.

What service do you use for subscription billing and payment?

We use the service of Stripe ( for the calculation, billing, and payment of the monthly usage of AI Sebas. Invoices and receipts are all issued by Stripe. You can also check the history of billing and payment on the Stripe site.

What payment methods do you support?

We comply with the means provided by Stripe. Currently, we support various credit cards, bank transfers (deposits to accounts), and wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

You mentioned a 14-day free trial, but do I need to register from the Stripe site after installing the app?

Since the free trial function uses the service of Stripe, you need to apply from the Stripe site as the first use of AI Sebas.

Are there any restrictions during the free trial?

There are no restrictions, including the number of users. It's the same as when you use it for a fee.

Does billing start immediately after the 14-day free trial?

Yes. After the end of the 14-day free trial, the billing cycle of the paid subscription (monthly) begins. You will receive a notice of the end of the free trial by email before the end of the free trial, so please register the correct email address.

I did not register with Stripe after installing the app. What happens?

If you reinstall and register with Stripe at that time, you can go through the 14-day free trial without any problems. After that, if you do not register a payment method with Stripe by the end of the free trial, the subscription will be automatically cancelled and you will not be able to use it, so please be careful. You can register a payment method from the /manage-subscription command, so please try it.

My subscription has been cancelled. I want to reactivate it, what should I do?

Once cancelled, the subscription cannot be restored. Please apply again. You can apply for a new one from the URL displayed by executing the /start-subscription command. However, please note that the free trial period does not apply to the second and subsequent applications and immediate billing will start.

Please tell me the unit and conditions of billing

AI Sebas is installed and used on a workspace basis. The 'Team ID' assigned by Slack at this time is the unit of billing. The number of 'User IDs' assigned to individual users used within the same team during the billing cycle is counted as the total number of users for billing. You can check this information from the /status-subscription command.

Can guests and external users who join via Slack Connect also use it?

Yes, you can use it. Conversely, please note that if an external user uses it, it will be counted as the number of users and will be charged.

Can I use it without a subscription?

You cannot do it except for the free trial period.

Is the cancellation of the subscription immediate?

Yes. With the cancellation, the current billing cycle period also ends and an invoice is issued, so please be aware.

Can I change the start date (end date) of the billing cycle period?

Currently, it cannot be done.

How is the invoice issued?

We use the service of Stripe. You can check and download the invoice from the Stripe site.

When is the invoice issued?

The invoice issuance date is the start date of the billing cycle.

When is the payment deadline for the invoice?

The payment deadline for the invoice is 7 days from the invoice issuance date.

How do I make a payment for the invoice?

Please make a payment with the service of Stripe.

If the FAQ does not solve your problem, please contact the following support contact.

  1. GitHub
    • We have a GitHub repository for support. Please use this repository as much as possible, as it allows users to share information with each other. It may take up to a week for the management to respond. Please understand that it may take up to a week for the management to respond.
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